“The staff at Serve Canada has always been very thorough and efficient. Our FM 24 Yogurt Machine is quick and easy to sustain our high volume here in the mall!”
“I found out about Serve Canada when I was researching the web about opening a restaurant. We are thrilled with our Perfect Fry PFA-7200! The staff at Serve Canada has always been professional and I would recommend them to my colleagues!”

“Ever since I’ve had my Waring XTREME blender, it’s been blending in my kitchen daily! Its ability to grind up any seeds, lettuces, frozen fruits and ice completely smooth is second to none. I also love that I can pull my blender out while meal prepping and save time by blending up a soup or sauce in minutes! I would recommend a Waring XTREME to any cook – beginner all the way to professional!”

Rebecca Ungarian, Hesco